Becoming an Amnanda Practitioner

Amnanda means "the path to joy" and this is at the heart of all Amnanda treatments and the spirit of Ayurveda.

The Amnanda Process is an Ayurvedic ‘rasayana’ or rejuvenating therapy that triggers a deep process of revitalisation. A beautiful treatment to give, as well as receive, it works on many different levels; body, spirit, emotion and mind. The main goal/ of the Amnanda process is to dissolve traumatic life experiences, at the level of cell memory; to reduce their negative effect on our daily lives and allow a process of rejuvenation or revitalisation to unfold.

Do I have to be a health practitioner to do this training?

Not necessarily. Some people want to train in Amnanda as a non-professional so they can offer this healing treatment simply to friends and family. This is welcome and encouraged and those participants may indeed come to offer this as a paid service should they reach proficiency in the training. Amnanda practitioner training is a rewarding start to becoming a health practitioner.

Equally, this is a wonderful therapy for all health practitioners to add to their repertoire of professional treatments. It will give you an effective approach to help clients recover and heal from stress and trauma in a gentle and low cost way.

What does the training involve

The 2024 Amnanda Therapists Training consists of twelve training days comprising six, 2-day blocks running from from May to October. At each session, the trainee therapist observes and receives the Amnanda treatment. From the third session onwards, trainees have the chance to practice on each other under the supervision of the Amnanda trainer. Spaces are limited to a maximum group of 6 participants. Upon completion of the training, attendees will be awarded with a practitioners certificate.

What to expect

Over the course of the training, the group will exchange experiences and discover the scope of the therapy as they go through the process together. Giving and receiving treatments within the group creates a certain energy, whereby each treatment also becomes an initiation. The goal of Amnanda is to release the effects of trauma that has been held in the body and for this, we need to cover as much of the body as we can, including ideally chest and buttocks. We preserve modesty as much as we can, and you will be covered with a sheet and duvet whenever possible during the treatment.

Each participant will receive the benefits of the treatment during the training, each releasing trauma held in different areas of the body and at deeper levels with each successive treatment. Each person’s journey is highly individual but usually always includes renewed enthusiasm, greater clarity and direction in life, together with restored youthful vitality.

The effects of this treatment are long lasting.

The Amnanda Training syllabus

  • Introduction to the Amnanda Process; who it is suitable for and potential exclusions.

  • Understand the effects of stress and trauma on the body and mind.

  • Learn the treatment method: the sequence of applying the oil, the use of mantra.

  • Understand how the oils are used and the spacing of the treatments over the year.

  • Understand the role of the teas and tinctures in the Amnanda Process, including contraindications.

  • Learn how to incorporate dietary guidance into the Amnanda process.

  • Understand the importance of the therapist-client interaction, the role of spirituality and the cultivation of therapeutic presence.

  • Learn the role of therapeutic touch and its effect on the metabolism and epigenome.

  • Practice sessions - receiving and practising the treatment on other students under the supervision of the trainer

  • Learn about the lineage of Amnanda and its origins.

Assessment Procedure:

Feedback sessions on treatments given and received during the training .

Trainee therapists are observed performing Amnanda treatments from session two onwards. Knowledge and understanding is assessed during the question and answer sessions and presentations. On successful completion of the course you will receive your certificate and will be able to register as an Amnanda therapist with Amnanda Europe

Insurance / Registration:
After registering with Amnanda Europe, you will be eligible to practice Amnanda with Balens, BGI or Holistic Insurance.

Training dates & Times:

Each Day runs from 9.30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with a 60 minute lunch break.

May 15th / 16th

June 12th / 13th

July 17th / 18th

August 28th /29th

September 25th / 26th

October 23rd / 24th

2025 training will start in February 2025

Trainer: Andrew Shakeshaft will lead the training. Andrew is one of the UK's leading trainers of Amnanda and co-founder of Essential Ayurveda UK and Amnanda UK. You can reach him by email at or text on 07851 411660

Host: Hannah Mae Dawson will host the training events. She has been an Amnanda practitioner since 2018 and heath practitioner since 2006. Hannah will attend the course as part of her training to become an Amnanda Process Trainer.

Cost : £190 per 2-day block which includes your treatments and training. A deposit of £380 is required for registration on the course. Treatment teas and tinctures are not included in the course fees. Fees are kept as low as possible, therefore concession rates are not applicable for this training.

If you would like to register for the Amnanda Therapist training course, or have any questions and would like to book an enquiry call, please contact Hannah Mae Dawson at or text on: 07783 959124

Cancellation Policy:

50% deposit is required at the point of booking. Full payment is required by May 1st 2024. Spaces are limited to 6 and we ask for your full commitment to attending all 12 training days. Deposits are non refundable and refunds cannot be made if a place is forfeited before or during the training. Places may be transferable at our discretion, provided that this is prior to the start date.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. I hope to have the opportunity to embark on this wonderful journey in support of you, your clients, friends and family on the path to health and happiness.

Amnanda® Therapist Training